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Organization for Development of Democracy

ODD adapt the implementation of each project to the context. Context analysis, actor mappings and peace and conflict assessments are prerequisite elements of each pre-projecting phase. We recruit locally, we use local resources to the extent possible, and we involve recipient communities and relevant government bodies in the implementation to the extent possible.

Transparency is a key term. ODD provide all stakeholders with all relevant information related to budget, quantities and qualities, and we use existing Afghan social control mechanisms to ensure that projects are implemented in accordance with intentions, agreements and contracts. We never pay for security. This is a non-negotiable principle.

ODD ensure community contribution to the extent possible. Donor and government are given all credit and PR for the project. ODDs name is not important versus recipient communities. We ensure stakeholder involvement in all aspects of implementation like planning, preparation, execution, procurement, monitoring, and evaluation.  This is with the aim of creating ownership and sustainability. All projects we implement can be directly monitored.

Licensed NGO with the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

From the caves in Samangan.